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Reefer Madness or Pot Paradise?

The Surprising Legacy of the Place Where Legal Weed Began Colorado’s first-in-the-nation experiment with legalized marijuana has infused the drug into almost every corner of life. Workers prepared for marijuana planting on Woody Farms in Pueblo, Colo. The state’s first-in-the-nation experiment with legalizing recreational marijuana put it on the front lines of changing America’s drug laws. By Jack Healy

June 30, 2019 DENVER — Serenity Christensen, 14, is too young to set foot in one of Colorado’s many marijuana shops, but she was able to spot a business opportunity in legal weed. She is a Girl Scout, and this year, she and her mother decided to sell their cookies outside a dispensary. “Good business,” Serenity said. But on the other side of Denver, legalization has turned another high school student, David Perez, against the warehouselike marijuana cultivations now clustered around his neighborhood. He said their skunky aroma often smacks him in the face when he walks out his front door.

These are the ripples of five years of legal marijuana.