Social Problems

Getting radical about inequality

Social Problems

Global Frames and Connectors: A Local Movement Challenge to Water Services Privatization in Milwaukee.

Charles W. Ogg, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Steve Watrous, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Sociological Imagination, Vol. 50, No. 1 2014
Wisconsin Sociological Association


In communities around the globe social movements have risen to challenge the privatization of water resources and utilities. Robinson (2007, 2013) argues that while these movements organize at the local level their ability to mobilize adherents depends in part on their ability to frame their struggle as existing within a larger regional and global context as well as having ‘global connectors’ linking local coalitions to global social movement organizations. This claim is based on her comparison of the successful challenge in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia and a failed attempt in Stockton, California. A study of a 2009 challenge to privatization in Milwaukee, WI allows substantiation of these claims.

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